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Best restaurant of Guvercinlik

I was informed at Mandalaya balik restaurant by Ozzie from the Bodrum car rental. The restaurant is beautifully situated on the bay of Güvercinlik.

A review of this fish restaurant in Bodrum-Güvercinlik:

"There is nothing to criticize the taste of fish, other seafood and appetizers in Bodrum Güvercinlik. When I go I think it is great and the service is also fantastic and it is preferable to have a business that is not right in other restaurants. Congratulations, Mandalya. The only proper resturant in Güvercinlik."


From Adabuku, or Turquoise homes it is down the hill, along the Sök, and then the main road up to Bodrum. Then you will automatically enter Güvercinlik. At the crossroads in the village, with the traffic lights, you turn right.

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